Crimson Varsity Quintet Plays Princeton Today

Tonight, a Crimson basketball team will be launching a drive towards the first division in the Ivy League for the first time in eleven years. Victory over the Tigers at Princeton would definitely assure the varsity of its first winning campaign since the 1946-47 season, and would put it only one game out of fourth place in the league.

Currently, Princeton is in third with a 7-3 record, while Columbia (6-4) holds down fourth, only one game ahead of Harvard (5-5). But the Lions will in all probability trample hapless Cornell tonight, and has games against weak Brown and Penn left on its schedule.

The Tigers, therefore, are the team to pass, if the varsity is to gain the coveted first division berth. Princeton must still play first place Dartmouth, as well as Columbia and Penn. The possibility that Harvard might achieve fourth place was not even imagined at the beginning of the year, and thus, even if it fails in its bid, the season can be considered a success.

Fourth place would be nice, though, even if unexpected. All that the Crimson need do is best Princeton on its home court, and then win at least two of its three remaining games from Dartmouth and Yale. It is unfortunate that the next two games are on the road, with tonight's game followed by one Saturday at Yale, since the team has been hot recently, especially on its home court.

Crimson Beat Tigers Previously

The first obstacle, of course, is Princeton. Although the varsity handily mistreated the Tigers 11 days ago, 70 to 55, it should have more trouble tonight. Besides the usual advantage in playing before friendly crowds, there are additional factors differentiating the two games.

In the first game, the Tigers were tired from playing Brown the night before, and were rudely shocked by a surprise pressing zone defense sprung by Crimson coach Floyd Wilson. They did not manage to overcome it then, but by tonight they will be prepared, and more rested.