Two Cases of TB Reported At University

X-rays Advised for All Entry Students

Two cases of pulmonary tuberculosis, both in the same entry of Winthrop House, have been reported this term. The second case was learned about less than two weeks ago.

All students in the entry have been asked to undergo immediate chest X-rays and tuberculin tests, Dr. John C. Wells, Assistant University Health Service Physician, said last night. Wells emphasized that the tuberculosis cases are not "unique," and pointed out that two instances of the disease were also reported last year.

"Unlike certain other diseases, tuberculosis is slow-moving," Wells continued. "Except in very rare cases definite symptoms cannot be detected until two to six months after infection."

Wells said that the Winthrop students were advised to take follow-up tests in the fall, and to see their physicians if symptoms develop during the summer.

"Individual Susceptibility"

Health Service physicians emphasized that chances of contracting the disease are a matter of "individual susceptibility," and that "a person who is run down or overtired would be more likely to be affected by the bacillus."

Wells also said that the Health Services had diagnosed a case earlier this year as probable tuberculosis of the kidney. "The student was able to continue his studies with moderate restrictions, and was forced to take it easy for a few months," he concluded.