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College Cannot Create Geography Department

A Faculty committee proposal to establish a department of geography has been laid aside "for the moment," Dean Bundy disclosed

Manager of 'Integrated' Quartet Alleges Network Discrimination

The Gateway Singers--three white men and a Negro girl, who are now appearing at Storyville--have allegedly been barred from national

Buttrick Will Retire As University Preacher

The Rev. George A. Buttrick will retire in June as Preacher to the University and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals.

University Suspends Use of NDEA Loan Funds

The University has frozen all federal funds granted for student loans under the National Defense Education Act and will take

Growing Concern Evidenced Over NDEA Loan Program Loyalty Oath

Harvard's participation in the student loan program of the National Defense Education Act, in the face of the Act's "loyalty


Billy Wilder's Sabrina has been around since 1954 and is back at our favorite theatre. It is a very good

'Wild Strawberries'

Like other of Ingmar Bergman's movies, Wild Strawberrries militates for crediting the man with a gift. Here, certainly, as in

Faculty Will Consider Freshman Experiment

When the Faculty of Arts and Sciences meets this afternoon, Dean Bundy will move to permit "experiments designed to intensify

Bunche Ignores Attack By Veritas Foundation

United Nations Under-Secretary Ralph Bunche, whose nomination for election to the Board of Overseers has been attacked by the Veritas