Brown Defeats Soccer Team, 5-0, Tightens Race for League Crown

PROVIDENCE, R.I., Nov. 17--A hopped-up Brown soccer team out-dirtied Harvard here today, crashing and stomping to a 5-0 upset victory. The Bruins' 5-0 margin represented probably the worst defeat coach Bruce Munro has ever suffered.

Despite the score, and despite the fact that the Crimson's Position in the Ivy League race is no longer quite so healthy, the players felt lucky to have escaped alive. Brown won today by smashing up the Crimson's lightweight line, by stretching the rules of soccer to the limit, and by playing altogether disgarceful and ungentlemanly manner.

Several Brown players, notably center halfback Bill Zisson, left fullback John Haskell, and right fullback Jack Sherman, should have been thrown out of the game for the crushing and unnecessary body blocks they threw at Crimson linemen. Bruin mentor Cliff Stevenson, who obviously encouraged these tactics, ought to be fired; no respectable college would employ such a coach.

Brown took the lead for keeps at 16:35 of the first period. After right half John Holbrook beat the Crimson's Tony Davies to the ball and sent it bounding downfield, right wing Jon Fish picked it up and knocked a crossing shot past Harvard goalie John Adams.

Bad passing hampered the Crimson's efforts to tie the game, and several scrambles in front of the Bruin goal produced nothing. Crimson wing Sam Rodd was stopped twice, once on a nice save by Bruin goalie Pete Gilson, and once on a trip by Haskell as he broke loose down the sideline.

Then came the only real Crimson gaffe of the day, on Brown's second score. Fisk booted a high corner kick, and Adams moved forward, evidently intending to catch the ball. But it soared over his head, and Bruin left wing Charley Billow had an easy goal when it came down. Time of the score was 16:00 of the second quarter.

Inside Alan Young, who scored 25 goals for the Brown freshmen last year, notched the third Bruin tally this afternoon when he took a pass from Fisk and blasted the ball pat Adams only 20 seconds into the third period. Seven minutes later Young scored again after a shot by Zizson.

Later, with Wally Whitney in the nets for the Crimson, Young fired a low, hard liner toward the goal. Whitney stopped the ball, but Bruin center forward Armando Garces smashed it past him before he could fall on it. Thus Brown led, 5 to 0, after 20:45 of the third period, and the rest of the game was laughable.

Although no one really excelled, Rodd did a good job for the varsity as a substitute for the injured Eb Klufio.

Brown temporarily lends the League, with 10 points on a 5-2-0 record. Yale (3-1-1) meets Princeton (2-2-2) day, and the Crimson (4-1-1) will face the Elis next Friday, probably with center forward Chris Ohiri back in action. A victory over Yale will render the Brown defeat meaningless, as it most certain was anyway