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The Working Man

June Harvard College more than 1000 seniors for which most of them are unprepared. At least 650 seniors will have


What kind of a day was it in Cambridge yesterday? It depended on, who you were. For those taking examinations

16 Seniors to Join Peace Corps; Project Tanganyika Needs Funds

At least 16 graduating seniors will join Peace Corps programs all over the world this summer. According to Michael Shinagel,

Stock Market Recovers After Monday's Losses

The New York Stock Exchange came almost all the way back yesterday, after a black Monday that saw the largest

Mullin Wins IC4A Mile in 4:06.4

Mark Mullin ran his last race for Harvard Saturday at Villanova, and ended one of Harvard's most distinguished athletic careers

Track Squad Upsets Bulldogs As Spitzberg, Ohiri Lead Way

With a somewhat surprising cast of heroes--Jack Spitzberg, Chris Ohiri, Hobie Armstrong, Hank Hatch, and Jack Jones--the varsity track team

Heartbreak House

East House's production of Heart-break House was not quite bad enough to set George Bernard Shaw rolling in his grave.

Trackmen to Face Rugged Yale

At last, a track meet. Harvard track fans, starved for a glimpse of their heroes in action, need only show

Master Finds Pro' in $515 Pool Contest

The Master of Dunster House broke up a pool game Tuesday as a professional "hustler" was winning $515 from an

Ohiri's Heel Injury Jolts Track Varsity

Chris Ohiri's umpteenth injury of the year and an absolutely insane schedule of events may have ruined the varsity track

'Cliffies Snicker At Sad Plight Of Vassar

Radcliffe students reacted with the expected mixture of aloofness and indifference yesterday to the plight of their sisters at Vassar.

Mullin's Marks Lead Trackmen To Victory Over Indians, Bruins

In one of his finest performances, captain Mark Mullin led the varsity track team to victory over Dartmouth and Brown

Red Sox Defeat Senators, Into Second Position

, the Red Sox. A thrilling it was indeed to watch the heroes stumble to a ridiculously 8-7 victory over


Quite apart from who produces it, Can-Can is not the Great American Musical. In fact, it boggles the senses to

Dark of the Moon

This hayere show they's a-puttin' on at Kirkland Hayuse roun' about now has hits annoyin' aspects, ya know? Lak Ah