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By Frederick H. Gardner

Boy, is the varsity football team going to murder Yale this afternoon. And if you said anything different to the 500 patriots who rallied in front of Widener (a local library) last night to cheer on their finest representatives, you would have sounded soft on Yale.

After the drums had banged and the cymbals clanged, coach John Yovicsin said his players were ready and captain Dick Diehi said they were going to win. If anything can happen in The Game then "anything" refers today to Harvard's margin of victory.

Small Riot Staged

After the rally, the participants staged a small riot in front of the Bick (where else?). The difference between a rally and a riot is that a riot doesn't involve the Harvard Band, Glee Club, or Bach Society in any formal capacity and takes place in front of the Bick instead of Widener.

Two people ("Are they students or townies?" asked a shy Yalie) were escorted into a paddy wagon, one for "standing on a ladder."

"What are you taking me in for?" the young man challenged a cop.

"Because you're standing on a ladder."

Despite this unfortunate detention, there was a friendly rapport between the students and the cops. Everyone appreciated the fact that the cops kept smiling as they dispersed the throng.

Closest Thing to Pep Rally

"It's the closest thing we'll ever have to a pep rally," one participant apologized to his date (referring to Part II, the riot). She smiled. Then a cop, also smiling, pushed them out of earshot.

Those who missed the excitement last night, however, should not be too disappointed. The crowd expected to turn out for today's game should offer plenty of opportunities for anything short of a near-riot.

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