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David Susskind

Although he expects to be fired today as moderator of Open End, David H. Susskind '42 will not need unemployment

Panel Blames Hollywood For Money-Minded Films

Early in last night Law School Forum on the American Cinema, David H. Susskind '42 insisted that Elinor Hughes, Mr.

From the Shelf

The title only suggests the pretentious heights toward which de Grazia's essay rambles. The author's outlook, according to the jacket,

Problem at a Negro College in Atlanta: Education for Privilege or Equality?

Liberals in the North seem happily convinced that the vast majority of southern Negroes (and certainly all the students) are


This week, as the Times would have informed us, spring begins. Now sports fans should put down the Viking Portable

William F. Ryan

New York's only Reform Democratic Congressman does not think integrity and success are mutually exclusive in American politics. He is

In the Counting House

Unlike the vulgar, insipid plays that have recently cashed in on Jewish themes and situations, the pre-Chanukah show at the

Football Fans Stirred by Pep Rally; Two Arrested in Gathering at 'Bick'

Boy, is the varsity football team going to murder Yale this afternoon. And if you said anything different to the

How It Happened

The decision was made at the Top Level, that summit where sportsmen, publishers, industrialists, statesmen and such labor leaders as