Figueres Will Teach Course Here in '63-64

Jose Figueres, former President of Costa Rica, has accepted an invitation to teach at the University next year, The CRIMSON learned yesterday.

Other distinguished Latin Americans have being invited to come to Harvard for teaching and research under the program of faculty interchanges sponsored by the Ford Foundation.

Figueres, for many years a leading political figure in Central and South America, is presently the director of the school for Political Education, in Costa Rica. His appointment needs only the formal approval of the Corporation to become official. The possibility that he might teach here has been rumored ever once he visited the University last March.

The names of the four or five other scholars invited were not available. Economics, social relations, government, and business economics will probably be their major fields, although law, public health, and literature, may also be included.

These men will come for periods of from two months to a year to teach courses, advise on theses and dissertations, do research, and aid in the preparation of teaching materials. Their activities will be financed through the $150,000 grant awarded to the University by the Ford Foundation in October.

Harvard is one of the six universities to share in the $1 million grant designed to strengthen Latin American studies in the United States. The other schools were Columbia, Texas, Minnesota, California (Berkeley), and U.C.L.A.