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Yarborough Denounces NDEA Revision

Texas's Democratic Senator Ralph Yarborough denounced last night at the Administration's proposed phase-out of student under the National Defense Education

Harvard Wins Arboretum Case; 3-2 Decision Ends Court Battle

The seven-year battle over the bitter and complex Arnold Arboretum case ended Monday when the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts

Army Tops Swimmers In 51-44 Power Show

Army's powerful and well-conditioned swimming team swept three crucial individual events to tink the Crimson varsity, 51-44, at the IAB

Harvard Tackles Cadets In Crucial Swim Battle

The most exciting swimming meet of the season begins at 4 p.m. today in the IAB, when the varsity gets

Sophomore Freestylers Buoy Swimmers' Hopes

Harvard's fastest swimming team in history opens its season in the IAB tomorrow night against Springfield, but because of general

The Higher Education Act: New Step in Federal Aid

The passage of the $2.3 billion Higher Education Bill by the 89th Congress on October 20 heralds a new role

Katzenbach Chides Student Protestors

WASHINGTON, Oct. 7--U.S. Attorney General Nicholas DeB. Katzenbach warned this evening that student demonstrations on the campus may damage the

Alabama Jury Acquits Slayer of ETS Student

An all-white jury in Hayneville, Alabama, yesterday acquitted the man who called Jonathan M. Daniels, a civil-rights worker and a

May Registration Set For Gen Ed Courses

The early-morning, rain-or-shine wait for admission to lower-level General Education courses is over. Instead, all undergraduates wishing to enroll in