Master Finds Pro' in $515 Pool Contest

The Master of Dunster House broke up a pool game Tuesday as a professional "hustler" was winning $515 from an undergraduate. Two Dunster residents previously involved with professional gamblers had invited the hustler and card-shark friend into the House.

M. Pappenheimer, Jr., Master of Dunster House, said yesterday he would "do all I can" to see that the two undergraduates are disciplined by the Administrative Board. He said that outsiders had apparently been participating in gambling in the House "for some time." On Tuesday afternoon, Pappenheimer was informed that a large crowd had in the House pool room, and that large sums of money were being . Most of the main participants were still there when Pappenheimer arrived.

"The man had no identification, and he didn't want to give me his name," Pappenheimer related yesterday. "He said he had been invited by friends in the ." The other professional gambler a student's room; Pappenheimer him and his host.

He also had a tutor summon the Harvard police. "I heard things were building up for a fight," Pappenheimer explained, adding that the two professionals were "tough characters."

I. Rudolph '48, Senior Tutor of , first warned the undergraduates about bringing in professional shortly after Pappenheimer took over as Master in February.

Despite the incident, Pappenheimer said he will not propose any sort of no-gambling rule. "I believe in treating Harvard students as adults," he . But the Master said he wanted to put a stop to professionals' coming into the House.

Pappenheimer expressed approval of a Dunster House Committee action barring of any kind from the pool room.


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