16 Seniors to Join Peace Corps; Project Tanganyika Needs Funds

At least 16 graduating seniors will join Peace Corps programs all over the world this summer. According to Michael Shinagel, Peace Corps advisor, the total from the College may eventually. 20, and additional participants from the graduate schools will make Harvard one of the nation's biggest suppliers of volunteers.

Seven members of the Class of '61 are currently in the Peace Corps. In all, 14 of the volunteers who joined the Corps in its first year had had connections with Harvard as undergraduates, dating back as far as the Class of '57. Three of the 14 had graduated magna cum laude.

Four seniors--Peter G. Gesell, R. Talbot Page. Benjamin H. Thomas, and James P. Martin--will go to Ethiopia, where 200 mathematics and English teachers are needed. Shinagel said that late applications may increase the Ethiopian contingent to five or six.

Three graduates will work on community development projects in Latin America and South America, and two or three--including John Jeppson III and Robert N. Cable, Jr.--will do the same in Peru.

Carl C. Jorgenson has been accepted for the Nepal project, and expects to teach mathematics. Roger C. Wolf will help develop low-cost housing in Tunisia, and Donald K. Emery has been assigned to West Africa.

In addition, James C. Breasted, a 1960 graduate, will be sent to Senegal, where he may serve as a teacher. One volunteer is also expected to go to Sierra Leone. Other assignments are not yet definite.


A send-off dinner for the new members of the Peace Corps and Project Tanganyika will be held Monday night in Quincy House. Several professors interested in the projects have been invited to the affair. Plans may be made for all the volunteers to keep in touch.

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