Basketball Team to Meet Dartmouth; Hockey Squad Seeks Win at Hanover

Even going by press releases, Harvard teams should not have too rough a time today as they face Dartmouth in a variety of sports. The Big Green, over-powering in football, hasn't been overwhelmingly impressive in winter sports this year.

Probably the most exciting game of the day is the basketball contest, which will tip-off in the I.A.B. tonight at 3 p.m. Harvard, which defeated the Indians at Hanover earlier is the month, is probably the favorite, but no one is predicting a runaway.

The Big Green quintet is currently 5-5 for the season and has been described by Hanover admirers as "erratic but exciting." It spent last weekend doing much the same things Harvard did, losing to supposedly underdog Columbia and then beating what was claimed to be a good Cornell team.

Spahn Regains Touch

Steve Spahn, after a weak start, appears to be learning how to score again. He accounted for 30 points in the Cornell game, and Dartmouth fans are now certain he has "regained his touch." Bill Madden is also back, having missed early season games because of a knee injury.


Coach Floyd Wilson of the Crimson now thinks his team is "capable of causing some trouble," and has described tonight's contest as "really a big one for us."

Harvard's defense this year is currently the best in the Ivy League, by the way. In three games, the Crimson has permitted only 133 points, an average of 44.3 per game. Unfortunately, the offense has not been averaging much more. Another statistical note passed along to us is that Denny Lynch, with 92 points this year and a career total of 617, is nearing tenth place in Harvard career scoring charts. Ed Buckley, who tallied 668 points from 1928-42 now ranks tenth.

The Crimson may get some help from the Stork tonight. Bob "Stork" Inman, a 6 ft., 5 in. junior forward who was injured early in December, is now ready to go again. He scored 20 points in a junior varsity game last week.

Crimson Squash Favored

Dartmouth's squash team is also in town today, but despite its 3-0 season record, no one here is particularly worried about the Indians. In their last test they disposed of Cornell, 6-3. Harvard had a much easier time with the Ithaca racquetmen, winning 9-0. The only other comparative score is against M.I.T.; both teams enjoyed 9-0 sweeps against the trade school. The meet begins at 3 p.m. in Hemenway.

The other varsity contest today will be at Hanover, where the Indians will be waiting with anxiety for the Crimson hockey team. Despite losses to Clarkson and St. Lawrence last weekend, the Crimson still appears to be among the best in the East, and Dartmouth should offer no serious opposition.

Pessimistic Cooney Weiland claims to be worried. Says Cooney, "They can get a lot of goals, and they are always tough on that ice of theirs." Well, any team that can get those goals for you is bound to be tough, but Dartmouth hasn't really gotten so many this year. Against Cornell they only managed four (Cornell had five), and against Colby they picked up but three (Colby had four). Harvard, by comparison, slaughtered Cornell 3-1, and easily mastered Colby 7-1.

All-American defenseman Dave Johnston, who was missed on the New York trip, will not be around tonight, and John Daly, a sophomore, will fill in for him.

Lamarche Scoring Streak

For those of you with a statistical bent, here is a hockey figure for you. Bill Lamarche scored in each of the games last week, extending his string to 11. He needs to score in the next 14 games to match the Harvard record of 25, set four years ago by Bob Cleary.

The varsity game at Hanover will be preceded by a freshman hockey game.

Other freshman action today includes a basketball clash with Dartmouth here at 6 p.m., and a swim against Williston Academy in the I.A.B. pool at 2:30 p.m.