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The Crimson Takes Leary, Alpert to Task

An Editorial It would be unfortunate if the firing of Richard Alpert led to the suppression of legitimate research into


Every Spring the American, League goes through an uneasy period when it appears that the Yankees might not win the

Administration Accused Of Manipulating HCUA; Council Urged To Fight

The sporadic and chronic debate over the role of the HCUA came to life again last night when John E.

This Candy Is Dandy

Candy, unfortunately, will probably be banned in Boston and most other U.S. cities. It has already been banned in Paris.

By Seagirls Wreathed

Homecoming is not always a pleasant experience. For the young man just separating himself from his adolescence, the return to

Baseball Team Scores Two Crucial Triumphs

There is no such thing as an undefeated team in baseball, but Harvard's remarkable 1964 squad seems determined to prove

U.S. Official Cites Trouble in Peking

United States policy towards China has both a "direction and a philosophy," a State Department spokesman affirmed last night. The

L'il Abner

When I first looked at the program last night, I thought for a moment the Ivy League had revived Spring

William Had the Words!

According to tradition, and tradition is very important in this sort of thing, one does not presume to have critical

HCUA Praises Work of HSA, Asks Slight Structural Changes

The majority of the Executive Committee of the HUCA has found the Harvard Student Agencies "very deserving of a warm

Senate to Debate College Tax Credit

The Senate will begin debate this afternoon on a proposal of Sen. Abraham A. Ribicoff (D-Conn.) to extend special tax

A Parting Shot

Each June the President of Harvard University welcomes the members of the graduating class into "the fellowship of educated men."

What's 'Older Than Harvard and Lots More Fun'?

Harvard's widely acclaimed parietal scandal becoming a part of the rich folklore of American collegiate sex. Having made most of

NCAA Passes Liberal Substitution Rule

The NCAA last night greatly simplified the college football coaching profession by giving final approval to the most liberal substitution

Former Prof. Has No Plans To Quit Post

Two prominent members of the Faculty last night labeled as "nonsense" reports that Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. 38 does not