Faculty Unit Permits Political Clubs Not to Give Dean Membership Lists

The Faculty Committee on Student Activities yesterday accepted a proposal by four political groups to change the rule requiring student organizations to keep full membership lists permanently on file in University Hall.

Under the new rules, political organizations have the option of submitting the names and addresses of their officers in place of the lists. In addition, they will be required to show their membership lists to the Dean of Students at the beginning of each term.

Dean Watson, chairman of the Faculty Committee, said that the Committee "felt the request was reasonable and we were happy to grant it."

Most political groups indicated yesterday they would take advantage of the new rules, though for different reasons.

Tocsin Secretary


Tocsin secretary John H. Ehrenreich '63-4, who led the campaign for the change, called the decision "very encouraging." He said Tocsin will opt for the plan because "we feel that one's political associations are essentially a matter of individual conscience and should be kept as private as possible."

Both the Young Democrats and the Young Republicans may choose the new plan if it turns out to be administratively simpler. However, HYRC president Richard B. Olson '64 said that a membership list in the Dean's office "protects the rights of the members."

Stephen F. Tobias '64, president of the Harvard-Radcliffe World Federalists, said his group will take advantage of the new ruling. The Harvard-Radcliffe Liberal Union plans to submit its membership list as usual.

The Harvard Socialist Club will keep its lists. Some Socialist Club members are reportedly worried about the effect their participation in the club might have on future employment.

The groups which proposed the change were Tocsin, the Liberal Union, the World Federalists and the Socialist Club.