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Mood of '40 Changed in 4 Years; Class Left Under Shadow of War

The Class of 1940 entered Harvard in as carefree a mood as the times --the fall of 1936--permitted. True, there

Batmen Top Tufts, 10-9 In a Comedy of Errors

Runs, hits and errors: that's what makes baseball. And out at Splinter Stadium yesterday. Tufts and Harvard got together and

The 'Ex-Untouchables' of India: Equal in Law, But Not in Fact

Harold R. Isaacs, India's Ex-Untouchables. New York; John Day Company, 1965, $4.50. Under the laws of India, Untouchability no longer

Neustadt to Join Harvard Faculty

Richard E. Neustadt, whose book Presidential Power influenced John F. Kennedy's conception of the Presidency, will join the Harvard Faculty

Doctors Plan Mississippi Med. Center

The Medical Committee for Human Rights plans to establish local health centers throughout Mississippi, Dr. Jack Geiger, assistant professor of

Sight and Sound: Jazz

For three years, Quincy House has performed a rare service: it has given jazz-starved Harvard an evening of jazz, and

Report Gives Remedies For Teaching Shortage

The United States faces a serious shortage of college teachers, and strong measures are needed to deal with it, the

The Finest Hours

The Finest Hours is a skillfully assembled and frequently moving sketch of the magnificent statesman-warrior-historian-painter-orator-bully who turned 90 yesterday, Winston

Harvard Will Ask Aid Under Anti-Poverty Act

Dean Monro indicated yesterday that the University will participate in the work-study program of the "War on Poverty" despite a