'Cliffies Face Expulsion For Parietal Infractions

'Cliffies caught violating Harvard parietal rules will probably be asked to leave school, Gall Thain '64, president of the Board of Hall, said Saturday. The new crackdown will also apply to 'Cliffies involved in parietal abuses in other men's schools.

Radcliffe students have always been subject to expulsion for parietal abuses, but very few cases have been reported in the past and the penalty has seldom been severe.

This is "absolutely from the top," Miss Thain continued. "We were told as dorm presidents that we'd better get the word out because people are going to be pretty chagrined when they find they're being kicked out in large numbers."

Miss Thain attributed the new severity to the recent emphasis on parietal enforcement at Harvard. "Now that Harvard is cracking down on parietals, we're going to get a lot more cases" she said. "And because parietals are going to be stiffer, you're much more likely to get the ax."

Harvard 'Inflexible'


Describing the Harvard Administration as "strict and inflexible," she added, "Harvard has none of Radcliffe's folksy attitude about chatting with the deans when you're in trouble; there it's all very official." She said that Radcliffe was "at the other extreme," but added that President Bunting was attempting "to end the double standard."

The "double standard" was illustrated last semester when a Radcliffe senior and two Harvard students were found in a Harvard room after parietal hours. The 'Cliffe was warned of the seriousness of her offense by the College Judicial Board, but allowed to graduate. The Harvard students were asked to take leaves of absence.