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Number of Cliffies Planning to Enter Graduate Schools Greatly Increases

Four times as many Cliffies hope to go to law school this year as went from the Classes of 1964

Bennett Proposed to Direct ABCD, But Poor May Oppose Appointment

Arthur Garland '36, president of Action for Boston Community Development. Boston's poverty agency, last night proposed George Bennett '38 to

Brandeis Draft Discussions Produce Petitions, Ovations, More Meetings

Three separate meetings last night among Brandeis faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates - called to discuss whether professors should refuse

Draft May Force Class Rankings; Brandeis Discusses Giving All A's

Brandeis professors and students are joining to discuss whether professor should stop giving grades or give everyone A's, in order

Charles Morgan Jr.

He looks like an Alabama sheriff--all 300 pounds of him--as he reclines on the divan of the Leverett House Guest

Civil Rights Groups Organize Separate Projects for Summer

Last summer, civil rights activity in the South was focussed on Mississippi and the Council of Federated Organizations (COFO), a

Action Center Organizes Poor On Economic, Not Racial, Basis

Election campaigns seldom leave tangible results--especially unsuccessful ones. But Noel Day's attempt to unseat House Speaker John W. McCormack last

The Rise and Fall of Howie Phillips

The present Harvard Council for Undergraduate Affairs was born almost by accident. Its establishment, in the fall of 1961, snowballed

Princetonians Seek Integration

While Yalies get doubled parietal hours and Harvard students support a Cliffie for Class marshal, Princeton students have been champing

Martin Luther King: A Second Look

At first glance, Martin Luther King appears to be at the peak of his career. Recently he attracted world acclaim

Politics, Demonstrations Both Vital To Civil Rights Success, King Says

Martin Luther King, who brought the tactics of non- direct action into the civil rights movement, last declared that Negroes

Ed School Releases Claim on U.S. Funds

The School of Education has withdrawn an application for federal funds to complete its seven-story tower because it discovered it

James Wiley Testifies At Ala. Hearing

The Justice Department has flown James W. Wiley II '65-3 to Selma, Ala, to testify against four Dallas County officials

Bob Moses

Bob Moses stood in a Mississippi field, talking with an old Negro man. Suddenly a fellow worker for the Student

Moses Attacks Jury Selection System

Robert P. Moses, director of the Mississippi Freedom Project, last night challenged the Justice Department to secure a new system