WHRB, Yearbook Consider Building Two-Story Permanent Quarters

The University radio station, WHRB, and the Harvard Yearbook Publications are considering construction of a second and third story above the Masters' garage to house permanently the two organizations.

Although the station's plans to build a one-story studio over the garage at Mill and Plympton streets are a year old, the Yearbook has only recently weighed going into the project with WHRB.

Both organizations have the complete support of Dean Watson in the undertaking. "I'm willing to do anything I can to get the building up and both of them into it as soon as possible," Watson said.

The primary problem facing WHRB and the Yearbook is that of financing the proposed construction. The Yearbook, generally considered to be in a very solid financial position, has been adding steadily to a building fund with which to finance permanent quarters for the past ten years.

He stressed, however, that his organization's plans were only tentative because the approval of both the University and WHRB will be required.

WHRB, presently, engaged in moving its studios from the basement of Dudley to the rear first floor of Claverly Hall, is concerned about the technical difficulties that sharing its permanent quarters with another organization might cause.

The station urgently needs to find an alternative to Claverly "because it is completely ill-suited to housing a radio station," according to Ronald H. Wyzgn '64, the organization's president. Its ability to pay for the construction of new quarters, however, will depend on the success of a $100,000 fund drive it launched last year.