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Wrong Turn On Red

O NCE AGAIN, the French Communist Party (PCF) hobbles back to its ghetto. In fear of losing its ideological legitimacy,

What of the Night?

Radcliffe has taken a much-needed step by contracting with Harvard for University police protection. Although many of the details of

Jean-Paul Sartre and the New Radicals

A friend, call him Walter, who came to Harvard the same time I did, lived the Cambridge existential life for

A Refreshing Radicalism

When the subject is the Association of African and Afro-American Students, I am a critical audience. The idea of a

A Compassionate View of Power

Supporters of President Johnson's foreign policy have recently levelled two charges at dissenters more "liberal" than they. First, the Johnsonites

The Least Bad Alternative

The Johnson Administration is sending more bombs and more troops to Vietnam every day. The ground war continues to go

May 2nd Leader Denies PLP Controls Movement

Albert Maher '63-2 attacked last night an article in the Saturday Evening Post which identified the May 2nd Movement as

Marching on Machiavelli

Perhaps five hundred people who want to stop the war in Vietnam will leave Boston by bus tomorrow night at

Freyre Proposes Cultural Model To Combat New Racist Patterns

Gilberto Freyre asked last night that the Portuguese cultural community be considered as the model for a constructive alternative to