Masters Call For Uniform Room Rents

The Masters have unanimously agreed that a system of uniform room rents should be instituted in the Houses Dean Ford said yesterday. At their meeting Wednesday the Masters also requested that a study be made of the procedures for placing freshmen in the Houses.

Dean Ford, who serves as chairman of the Committee on Houses, has been instructed to ask President Pusey to investigate various uniform rent systems. Ford said yesterday that any new rent plan would take at least two years to put into effect.

Alwin M. Pappenheimer '29, Master of Dunster and a strong advocate of uniform room rents, said yesterday he was hopeful that the uniform system, which has been proposed before, would be implemented this time.

"It's fairer to the student and much easier to administrate," Pappenheimer said. He added that the present system, with its numerous levels and sub-levels of rent rates, turns the Master into "a Hotel clerk."

Pusey Ends Moratorium

The issue of uniform rents was very alive three years ago, when the University decided to try standard rates in the Yard on an experimental basis. President Pusey said last month that a moratorium on the question for the Houses was agreed to, and noted that the time had come for renewed discussion.

After reviewing a report on the distribution of this year's freshmen in the Houses, the Masters called for a study to be made of selection procedures Elliott Perkins '23, Master of Lowell, said the Masters never have been completely satisfied with the current system.

According to the suggestion, a group of men from the Senior Common Rooms of each House, far enough removed from the problem to approach it with fresh ideas, will meet with Dean Ford next year to review the situation.