Gov. Wallace Accepts Harvard Speaking Date

Alabama's Governor George C. Wallace has accepted an invitation to speak at Harvard College on November 4, according to Bill Jones, the Governor's press secretary. The invitation was extended by the Young Democratic Club of Harvard and Radcliffe. President Pusey has already said the University has "no objections" to an appearance by Wallace if sponsored by a "legitimate undergraduate organization."

The Governor will debate the civil rights issue with one Harvard professor, as yet unknown, according to T. Jefferson Frazier '64, president of the Young Democrats. Since Wallace is an announced candidate for the Presidency, "it would not be appropriate for him to speak alone. It would appear that we were giving him our endorsement."

The invitation was extended to Wallace yesterday, following a regular meeting of the Young Demos Executive Board Tuesday night. Jones spoke to the Governor immediately following his phone conversation with Frazier.

Wallace's appearance at Harvard will be part of a tour of several Ivy League schools next month. He currently plans to speak at the University of Pennsylvania on November 6 and at Brown University on November 7. Two Yale student groups are seeking administration permission to invite Wallace for an appearance during the same week.

According to Jones, students in the North "will be very pleasantly surprised" when they hear Wallace speak. "He is not a bit the way he has been pictured," Jones said. "Wallace is a brilliant orator and has a solid command of legal questions." Despite newspaper reports, he continued, "the Governor has no horns and his neck is as white as yours and mine."


Violent Reaction Likely

An appearance by Wallace at Harvard is likely to cause rather violent reaction from Cambridge civil rights organizations. Edward A. Crane '35, mayor of Cambridge, said that the city "would take every precaution to ensure the lives and safety of its citizens." Crane said, however, that he "was too confused by the invitation to comment." He did not understand, he said, why Wallace was being invited at this time.