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The Eastern Sprints

THERE ARE two worlds at the Eastern Sprints and they never touch. The world of the oarsmen, coxes, and coaches

Oedipus Rex, Oedipus at Colonus

Let there be no doubt about it! The concert reading of Sophocles' two great tragedies at the Loeb last night

'Cliffe Graduates 233; Fischer Gives Address

President Mary I. Bunting of Radcliffe conferred the Bachelor of Arts degree on 233 members of the Senior class yesterday

Seven Trackmen Going to NCAA's

Seven Harvard track stars will travel to the West Coast this week to compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association

Skyscraper Motel Planned for 1965

A huge high-rise, 23-story motel will be built in Brattle Square this year. Construction on the building, which will be

Ashby Cites Ill Effects in Africa Of Britain's Educational 'Elitism'

The imposition of British educational philosophy on the African university has created a gap between the educated African and his

Won't Return To Teaching---Schlesinger

Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. '38 has told University officials that he "does not expect to return to teaching" in the

House Afire

Heard any Haydn recently, or any light opera? Seen any bizarre comedy, or a touch of burlesque? If you have

Six Characters in Search of an Author

At the end of Pirandello's Six Characters in Search of an Author, the audience normally stares in stunned silence before

Michael Harrington

Michael Harrington, the author of The Other America, has at least a dozen sides to his personality. When he spoke

Harrington Sees Defeat of Poverty In Sweeping Governmental Attack

To those who had read his book The Other America, Michael Harrington seemed especially business-like in his discussion of poverty

The Jew of Malta

In only its second effort, the Shakespeare-Marlowe Festival scored a smashing success Thursday night, but the playwright would have jumped

Graham Closes Out Harvard Stay, Thirty-One Drop Cards in Box

The Rev. Billy Graham wound up his crusade at Harvard last night in the fullest sense of the word. Speaking

E.H. Carr

Last Monday was, by modern standards, a reasonably eventful day. The House passed the Civil Rights Bill, Nationalist China broke

Pat Brown Talks Here; Scores Sen. Goldwater

California's Governor Edmund G. (Pat) Brown made a quick stop in Cambridge yesterday, giving Harvard a taste of both his