A Typical Week in Mississippi: COFO Hears of Many Incidents

notes from Mississippi

Belzoni: Ellis Jackson, local COFO director, arrested when he went to investigate the beating of a Negro boy. Charged with disturbing the peace and refusing to obey an officer.

Marks: Klondike Albert, 19-years-old, attacked by three whites while walking to an MFDP rally. Beaten with a blackjack and a stick and cut severely in the arm; shoulder probably fractured. When local hospital refused treatment, taken to Clarksdale.

As Willie Thomas walked home from the same rally, shots fired at him from a '57 Chevy. Two other Negroes threatened by whites with guns.

Chief Deputy Sheriff Sanford Fowler came to the COFO office and grabbed and shook local SNCC worker, Samuel Jackson.

A carload of white men attempt to run down four local Negro boys.


Hattiesurg: Rev. Robert Beach, part of COFO's ministers' project, assaulted by a white hardware store owner.

Philadelphia: Sheriff Lawrence