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Night Marchers Rouse Ala. Cops

MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 19--Four night demonstrations have been held here this week, keeping state troopers and city police on irregular

Internal Differences Beset Negroes, Police in Selma

MONTGOMERY, Ala., March 18--As this city moves swiftly toward a racial explosion, conflicts have arisen in every conceivable faction. Among

MFDP Hears Local Miss. Officials Deny Voter Discrimination Charges

HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss.--Mayor Sam Cooperwood and Registrar Otis Clayton testified yesterday that there was no discrimination against Negroes who attempted

Law, History, Sociology Professors May Initiate Course on Civil Rights

Civil rights may become the subject of a new Gen Ed course next year. Tentative ideas for such a course

A Typical Week in Mississippi: COFO Hears of Many Incidents

The telephone at 1017 Lynch St., Jackson, Mississippi, receives calls 24 hours a day. Here the headquarters of the Council

Three Arrested For Miss. Bombings; Others Suspected Says Police Chief

Three white men were arrested in McComb, Miss., yesterday, and charged with two racial bombings. The arrests were made by

Voting Drive Starts Despite Violence

The Mississippi Summer Project began sending its new volunteers into the state on June 21,1964. But only a couple of

11 New Bombings Continue Long Legacy of Violence In Southwestern Mississippi

Since Aug. 28 there have been 11 bombings in McComb, Mississippi. Four of these bombings and the arrest of over

The Mississippi Summer Project: Holly Springs Participant Reports Nervous Beginnings, Eerie Tension

On June 21, 1964, about 20 "freedom workers" as the local Negro community came to call them, arrived in Holly