Del Rossi Wins Eleventh Victory As Crimson Conquers Yale, 3-2

Harvard played six innings of baseball against Yale yesterday before a colorfully dressed crowd which abruptly vanished when the lightning began to crackle and the rain to fall in great, sodden sheets.

It would be almost superflous to mention that the Crimson--which went into the game with its best record since 1885--won. The wet 3-2 victory gave the varsity a total of 21 wins, two defeats and one tie for the season.

Paul Del Rossi struck out seven Yale batsmen in collecting his eleventh victory of the year. For Del Rossi, the game marked the end of a college pitching career in which he won 30 games and lost three, one of them this season.

But the last thing the big left-hander plans to do now is quit baseball. He will reportedly sign a contract worth at least $50,000 in bonus cash with either the Yankees or the Braves at his home in Winchester tomorrow.

In spite of Harvard's a priori superiority, the Bulldogs put up a considerable fight. While Yale's five hits were all solid, the Crimson's victory was filtered through a series of bloopers, errors and cheap hits.

Yale Scores First

Yale scored first, when left fielder Don Raymond tripled in the top half of the fourth and then came in on John Hunsaker's single. Harvard responded in the bottom of the fourth with a run on Tom Stephenson's bunt single, a well-timed overthrow to first, and another single by Gary Miller.

An inning later the Crimson broke the tie. Del Rossi popped to short center but found himself on second base when Eli shortstop Robin Cody dropped the ball. Skip Falcone singled to left, and George Neville brought them both in with a long double to right.

Sensing imminent defeat, the Yalies started a rally of sorts in the top of the sixth. Raymond got to first on an error and moved to third on Hunsaker's double to center. Two hitters later, Raymond scored on a fielder's choice, but Del Rossi averted further unpleasantness by striking out Bob Grasso.

By the bottom of the sixth, enormous bolts of lightning made the game some-what hazardous, and a heavy rain made it impossible to continue. After the sky cleared up briefly, the players rounded out the bottom of the sixth before an empty grandstand. YALE  AB  R  H  RBI Sewall, 3b  2  0  0  0 Bartlett, cf  3  0  0  0 Raymond, lf  3  2  1  0 Hunsaker, 1b  3  0  3  1 Levick, rf  2  0  0  0 Titus, c  3  0  1  1 Grasso, 2b  3  0  0  0 Cody, ss  2  0  0  0 Bourne, p  2  0  0  0 HARVARD  AB  R  H  RBI Falcone, 2b  2  1  1  0 Neville, cf  2  0  1  2 Patrick, rf  3  0  0  0 Stephenson, 1b  3  1  1  0 Miller, c  3  0  1  1 Bilodeau, ss  2  0  0  0 Dockery, lf  2  0  0  0 St. George, 3b  3  0  1  0 Del Rossi, p  3  1  0  0 YALE    000  101--252 HARVARD    000  120--351