'Cliffe To Study Work Program

Radcliffe is reappraising its student work program to decide whether it should be revised or possibly abolished.

The Radcliffe Government Association this week established a joint faculty student committee to undertake the investigation. RGA acted in response to a petition circulated by David L. Dungan, a senior resident of Barnard Hall, and signed by the residents of all but two dormitories.

The committee already has considered several changes, including the possibility of recommending the establishment of a two-hour maximum work load. Girls would then be paid for any work that they did beyond this maximum. Dungan said yesterday that the suggestion of operating the entire program on a paid basis has met with "no terribly negative signals from higher up."

According to Dungan, the present program is not working out because the work load in the smaller dormitories is excessive, especially for girls with part-time jobs, and because in many cases, students are doing work which the kitchen staff is paid to do.

Susan Olson, dean of residence, will chair the committee, which will include Marjorie L. Russ, dietition; Mary D. Albro, director of the appointment bureau; one senior resident from each house; and the work chairman of each dormitory.