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Cliffies May Get Diplomas Alphabetically This Year

The procedure of granting degrees at Radcliffe commencement may be changed this year, according to Julia W. Cheever '66, First

Cliffies Get Tutors, Harvard Registration

Creeping mergtrism has gotten off its hands and knees and is running at top speed. Come September, Cliffies are going

$4 Million Gift Donated to Fogg

The Fogg Art Museum has received a $4 million bequest which will almost double its endowment. The museum's previous endowment

For or Against Interpretation; Is There Really Any Question?

Kenneth Tynan once described the critic as a backseat driver who knows the way but can't drive a car. Unfortunately

The Party, Without Pain

I'm fond of playing the "animal, vegetable, or mineral" game with history books. An animal is lively and generally fun,

Biology Concentration Requirements Modified

The Biology Department has approved a plan to revise its concentration requirements and expand undergraduate course offerings. If approved by

Operas at Leverett

Last night the Leverett House Opera Society opened its production of "Le Renard" and "The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the

The Princeton Glee Club Concert

The Harvard Glee Club outsang Princeton 14-6 Friday night. The Crimson selected a more difficult program than the Tigers, and

'Cliffe To Study Work Program

Radcliffe is reappraising its student work program to decide whether it should be revised or possibly abolished. The Radcliffe Government

'May 2nd' Rebuts Soc Rel 101 Lecture

By distributing a phamphlet questioning the "moral basis and factual content" of a University lecture, the Harvard-Radcliffe May 2nd Committee

Gov. Alters Plan Of Soph Tutorial

The Government Department has abandoned a plan to establish a uniform topic for sophomore tutorial. The plan, originated by Isaac

Department to Propose No Grades for Gov 99

The board of examiners of the Government Department proposed last Thursday that Government 99, senior tutorial, be made an ungraded

Researcher Claims Psychedelics Useful

A recent study by a teaching fellow in Psychiatry suggests that "psychedelic" drugs like LSD may have a legitimate psychotherapeutic

Sert Initiates Dollar Drive For Building

The Graduate School of Design will begin a fund-raising campaign this fall to raise money for a new building and

Composers Here Question Pulitzer Jury's Decision

Composers in the Music Department yesterday termed "unfortunate" the Pulitzer Prize jury's decision to withhold the prize in music for