Sert Initiates Dollar Drive For Building

Design School Plans Curriculum Changes

The Graduate School of Design will begin a fund-raising campaign this fall to raise money for a new building and to revitalize its curriculum.

In announcing the campaign, Jose L. Sert, Dean of the Faculty of Design, said that he hopes the new building will allow the Design School to consolidate its facilities under one roof. The school is now housed in Robinson Hall, Hunt Hall and a former book bindery which now houses workshops.

The enlarged curriculum will include more post-graduate studies, an extension of the present workshop programs, and an increased emphasis on computer operations.

Lack of Funds

Sert said that the school has now reached a point where a lack of funds has prevented it from "fully profiting from the privilege of being part of this great University and serving the community."


He hopes that, after the new funds have been raised, the School of Design will collaborate more with the School of Education and Public Administration and the Business and Law Schools.

He added that "we are already cooperating with the College," but that the present Arch Sci courses should be developed further. He also suggested that the College offer a Gen Ed course in environmental studies which would include concepts of design.

Greater Civic Role

Sert also hopes that the School of Design will be able to play a greater role in civic affairs. "We are in revolt against the disorder, decay, and dullness of our cities and the systematic destruction of the beauties of nature; we recent the lack of understanding about the role of our professions in the mind of the public at large," he recently wrote.

The fund raising campaign is the first that the School of Design has attempted.