Psychedelic Revolution in Rock 'n' Roll: Confessions of Four Doors Who Made It

Ray -- "This second album took four months, with lots of over-dubbing, A-track, electronic effects, harpsichord, and percussion. There is much greater elaboration though we still play all the instruments ourselves. The first album is a blueprint of what we are. In this second album, the house is nearly completed."

Jim -- "After this, I have an idea we're going two places. Toward using natural sounds, life sounds, off the street, and toward drama, characters, dialogue, and the story plot, like a long radio play, you know?"

Ray -- "It's the natural growth of music. With the pure music everything, well not everything, but a great deal of things have been done with it and it's just going to naturally evolve into a dramatic form because that's what the songs are building up to anyway, a sense of drama."


Jim -- "You look at the history of drama in the Greek culture. It starts off with the people dancing, chanting, all together, all audience. Then one day, some kind of possessed satyr cat jumped out of the crowd and became the first actor. There is one actor now. We're right at that middle ground where it's not quite drama and it's not quite primitive either. Maybe two actors will come next, then three and then it'll be a drama instead of just a song."

Success will not spoil the Doors.


Jim -- "We're not really famous yet. But there's progress. It's groovy. This is what I've always wanted to do. I just didn't know it."

Ray -- "The only thing I really enjoy about this so-called fame is that the audience comes prepared. They know what we're doing and it's not a shock to them. At so many places where we played before our first hit, the people didn't know what we were doing. They hadn't heard it before, but that was okay cause we just had to try that much harder to be better. With this fame, the audience is always more receptive to what you're trying to do."

Jim -- "I hope we can become successful and somehow maintain that underdog status."

Many persons think hippies are completely dispassionate about politics. Of course the Doors are not hippies in the strict sense -- they charge more than $2500 an appearance and keep it all -- but their political attitude is a representative one.

Jim -- "About politics, I feel if you're into politics, then it's real for you. If you're not, then it doesn't really exist, you know? Same thing with the war. The war doesn't exist, except for the soldiers and the people involved directly with the war. Like I don't believe there is a war."

Jon -- "Really?"

Ray -- "Anyway, the third album should be more controversial."

(You're going to be arrested afterward?)

Robbie -- "We might even be arrested before.

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