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Fainsod & Co.

W HEN STUDENTS occupy buildings, university administrators are required to make immediate decisions, in the hard light of public attention.

Power at Harvard

(This is the second of a two-part serialization of the Report to the HUC on Decision-Making at Harvard. Yesterday's feature

So You Want To Make The Company Team, Son?

(Last September 2, the author, on assignment from the Detroit Free Press Magazine, went "job hunting" at General Motors National

Blacks, Whitlock Meet On Roxbury

Representatives of the Harvard administration yesterday met with protesting members of the Roxbury community, along with Harvard Afro and SDS

Wherever He Might Be Next Year, President Kirk Will Remember What Cops Do To Campuses. So Will Students.

A FTER COLUMBIA, American universities will never be quite the same again. That is a statement like "the atom bomb

Columbia: From Resistance to Insurgency

(Articles by students about student revolts have a habit of beginning with an example of bourgeois society the student encountered

Administration Grants Three Student Points; Police Leave Columbia

NEW YORK, May 2--Columbia University's administration yesterday made three concessions to mounting student-faculty pressure, as all classes remained closed for

In Defense of the Fast

(The following is the opinion of a minority of the CRIMSON 's editorial board.) T HIS week's fast has effectively

How to Beat the Draft Legally (and illegally)

I N THE late evenings of the second week of October, peaceful insurgents stalked Boston's colleges posting four-page white pamphlets

NYU's Duellers Parry Harvard For 18-9 Victory

NEW YORK, December 16--New York University's fencers hardly bothered to take off their National Championship warm-up jackets this afternoon in

Ed Project's Talks Yield 195 Points

Forty students and tutors congregated Saturday and Sunday on the top floor of Holyoke Center for a freewheeling overview of

B&G Employees Accept Contract

Harvard's maintenance workers yesterday approved a new two-year contract which called for a "substantial increase in wages," according to Robert

HPC Opening Its Offices To SDS Draft Counselors

The Harvard Policy Committee will allow SDS to use its offices in 52 Dunster Street as a draft counseling center

Eighteen Undergraduates Apprehended For Coop Shoplifting Since September

Eighteen Harvard students have been apprehended by the Coop for shop-lifting, Dean Watson said last night. "This is much much

Maintenance Workers Vote on New Contract After Year-long Delay

After four months of contract talks, which were preceded by six months of negotiations about how to have the contract