Robertson, Crimson Left Wing, Announced Fit to Play Soccer

Varsity soccer coach Bruce Munro had a scare at halftime during the Columbia game Saturday. His left wing. Scott Robertson, a junior who led the squad in scoring last season, was sitting on the bench coughing up blood.

Robertson hadn't been up to par for two weeks, while he nursed a heavy cold. but his condition had apparently grown much worse. The immediate diagnosis was a touch of bronchitis, which could be serious in itself, but there was the possibility that Robertson had a spot on his lung, and would be lost for the season.

So it is understandable that everybody breathed a little easier when Robertson was released from the infirmary yesterday afternoon and pronounced fit to play. It seemed that it had been nothing more than a light case of bronchitis, which apparently has gone away.

The loss of Robertson would have been damaging to the Crimson's hopes of defeating Cornell this Saturday at Ithaca. The lanky junior's replacement, sophomore Bill Bellows who did a competent job filling in for the second half last weekend, broke his collar-bone Monday in practice and will be out for several weeks.

Add to this the uncertain status of right wing Gerry Montero, whose sprained ankle kept him out of the Columbia game, and it quickly becomes apparent how necessary a healthy Robertson is to Harvard's chances.

Big Red Trouble

Munro feels that even if his squad is 100 per cent fit Saturday they will find Cornell no easy pushover. After a horrid Ivy season last year (0-6-1 in League play), the Big Red have apparently managed to field a top-notch eleven this fall.

This past Saturday, they whitewashed Princeton, 3-0, which is impressive considering that the Tigers topped Columbia by only 3-1. It could have been a case Saturday of everything working out just right for Cornell, but Munro is inclined not to accept that explanation.

If results of Saturday's games are any indication, the entire Ivy League soccer picture might be a lot different than anybody thought before the season began.

Yale Looks Good

Brown, the perennial champ, which, according to Munro "should have the best team it's ever had this fall," had another scare, nipping what was supposed to be a weak Yale elevan, 2-1. And the Bruins, with one of the most powerful attacks in the country, were shut out except for a two-minute span in the second quarter when they scored both goals.

The squad that tied Brown at 1-all two weeks ago, Penn. blanked Dartmouth, 3-0, Saturday, giving indication that the Quakers, like Cornell, are stronger than was previously belived. Ted Isaacson, last year's all-Ivy goalie for Penn, who looked bad against Harvard last year in losing 6-2, made nine saves in shutting out Dartmouth, so he might actually deserve the all-Ivy ranking this year.

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