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Community College for the Capital

I T IS PROBABLY safe to say that no college has ever been as severely needed nor as eagerly anticipated

The Cox Report

Crisis at Columbia: Report of the Fact-Finding Commission Appointed to Investigate the Disturbances at Columbia University in April and May,

Cox Panel Spreads Blame For Uprisings at Columbia

In its 222-page report released Saturday, the five-man Columbia investigative commission, headed by Archibald Cox, professor of Law, blamed everyone--administration,

Harvard Scientists Will Be Hard Hit By Reductions in Federal Spending

When President Johnson asked Congress to pass his 10 percent income tax surcharge this summer, Congress demanded--and passed--a $6 billion

Yale Cuts Spock Story From Alumni Magazine

The Yale Daily News disclosed yesterday the removal of a six-page article on Dr. Benjamin Spock from the June issue

SF AC's Future

A LMOST two months ago--before LBJ bowed out, before a bullet in Memphis changed the major issue in this country

James C. Thomson

I, FOR ONE, would feel a lot happier if James C. Thomson were Secretary of State. Now an assistant professor

The History Of Harvard Sports

Merle McClung played basketball in the shadow of Bill Bradley. While Bradley was becoming something of a demigod at Princeton,

The Female

"T HE FEMALE," the New York Daily News said, "makes I A Woman look like Mary Poppins." In truth, it