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Could Be First Step Toward Merged Field

By William Woodward

A combined major in Architectural Sciences and Visual Studies has been proposed to the Faculty by the Committee on the Practice of Visual Arts.

The CEP will discuss the proposal, outlined in a letter to Dean Ford, this Spring. If approved, the combined major will be a significant first step toward the possible merger of the two fields.

Requirements for the degree would allow Arch. Sci. concentrators to take "at least two courses in Visual Studies," Eduard F. Sekler, director of the Carpenter Center said yesterday. Currently students cannot major in Visual Studies, while Arch Sci. concentrators may only count Visual Studies courses toward a degree in rare cases approved by the department chairman.

The combined major would enable architectural science students to take courses in light, color, space, volume, movement, and visual communication, and count them toward concentration requirements.

Enlarged Courses

In order to meet demands for the combined major, Sekler plans to enlarge the introductory Visual Studies course in light and communication to accommodate 60 students instead of the present 18.

Sekler also plans a tutorial for credit, and a new course introducing new visual techniques made available by technology.

Degrees in Arch Sci and Vis. Stud. would be awarded by a committee made up of faculty members from both disciplines. This procedure would be similar to the one currently' used in History and Literature.

Earlier in the year there was some discussion of proposing a new field of concentration--Visual and Environmental Studies--rather than a combined major.

The Committee on the Practice of Visual Arts considered creating the new field Sekler said, but he added the committee's decision was to "go slow" and first see how the combined major works out.

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