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Board Rejects MBTA'S Harvard Square Plans

The recently proposed MBTA plan to extend subway service up Mass. Ave. was rejected by the Cambridge Advisory Committee Tuesday.

Kennan Blasts Involvement in Vietnam

"Following the logic of our present policy in Vietnam, it is difficult to conceive to date of an outcome that

William J. Lederer

William J. Lederer, co-author of "The Ugly American," is a man who likes to tell stories. He peppers his conversation

Nothing Happened at Punta del Este, Brazilian Political Leader Maintains

"The Punta del Este Conference didn't coin anything, neither money, nor rhetoric, nor dreams," Carlos Lacerda, prominent Brazilian political leader

Wider Major In Arch Sci Is Proposed

A combined major in Architectural Sciences and Visual Studies has been proposed to the Faculty by the Committee on the

Kennedy Picks Scholars To Advise Mass. Dems

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy '54; (D-Mass.) yesterday named three Harvard professors to an Advisory Council to revitalize the Massachusetts Democratic

Lacerda Attacks Brazilian Military Regime; Proposes New 'Popular' Opposition Party

Carlos Lacerda is a Brazilian liberal democrat, a leading contender for the presidency of his country., and an articulate critic

Latin America: Politics and Social Change

For the past 20 years, Carlos Lacerda has been one of the leading advocates of democratic government in Brazil. First

Voter League Asks ARFEP To Aid Study

The Massachusetts League of Women Voters has asked the Harvard Chapter of Americans for Reappraisal of Far Eastern Policy to