'Cliffe College Council Rejects 'Inconsistent' RUS Constitution

The Radcliffe College Council voted yesterday not to approve the RUS Constitution in its present form, because it is "internally inconsistent and contrary to Radcliffe Statutes."

Cliffies chose the Radcliffe Union of Students, an autonomous student government with four members on the College Council, to replace RGA. But under the RGA Constitution any changes have to be approved by the College Council.

In another vote the Council approved College charges for next year. The fee for College services, which must be paid by all Radcliffe students who live off off-campus, will be $270, instead of the original figure of $320 suggested by Mrs. Bunting. The number of students who will be permited to live off-off will be decided by the Administrative Board.

15 Places "Unclear"

Mrs. Bunting said there were at least 15 places in the present RUS Constitution which the Council found so unclear that they "couldn't tell what it was about." They also objected to the provision that RUS have four members on the College Council, since the Radcliffe Statutes say the members of the Council are to be elected by the Trustees from among their number. RUS would have to go to the Trustees to get the Statutes changed.


Many Council members also objected to two other provisions of the proposed constitution. They do not want RUS to be autonomous, nor do they want students on all the committees of the college. They found another drawback to RUS in that only 47 per cent of Radcliffe had voted on the issue.

The Council proposed that if RGA was interested they would accept a provisional form of RUS to carry out Section A of the constitution. Section A says that the purpose of RUS is to express student opinion and coordinate student organizations.

The Council suggested that the RGA proceed with the election of the RUS officials, who would then draft a new constitution. The elections will probably be held in the first week of Spring Term; candidates petitions are due this Friday.

It was also suggested that RUS officials meet with members of the Administration. Trustees, and some senior residents at the Cedar Hill Conference in February to discuss the questions involved. This Conference is held annually by RGA to explore Radcliffe problems