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Being Blind at Harvard

R IGHT NOW there are somewhere between six and twelve blind students enrolled in Harvard University. The exact number is


A Radcliffe student is being held under investigative arrest in a local jail in Budapest, Hungary, an official of the

Radcliffe Gets Largest Grant For 4th House

The largest grant in Radcliffe's history, a previously anonymous gift of $5,400,000 for construction of Radcliffe's fourth house, was given

Information Gathering Services: Business at Harvard

A RE prospective employees more interested in challenging careers or fat pay checks? What is the expected starting salary for

Blind Law Student May Get Change Of 1-A Classification, Board Says

Harold Krents, the totally blind Harvard Law School student who was reclassified 1-A last week, has been told by his

Blind Student Is Reclassified 1-A

Not even the disabled and blind will be left at Harvard Graduate Schools next year. Harold Krents, a blind first

Lynn Accepts D.C. College Post Will Leave Harvard This Spring

Kenneth S. Lynn '45, professor of English, is resigning from Harvard to become professor of American Studies at the newly-created,

E. House Finds Girls Don't Pay

Forty per cent of the Cliffies in East House have not yet paid their dues, leaving the House Committee with

European Charter Flights Fall 10% in Applications

Applications for Charter Flights to Europe are down nearly 10 per cent from last year, Roy I. Bennion '68, manager