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European Charter Flights Fall 10% in Applications

By Laura R. Benjamin

Applications for Charter Flights to Europe are down nearly 10 per cent from last year, Roy I. Bennion '68, manager of the Charter Flights division of the Harvard Student Agencies, said yesterday.

Bennion blamed the decrease on students who are just waiting around to see what action will be taken on the President's suggested travel tax. Before the President's January State of the Union message the applications were 10 per cent ahead of last year's.

Since equipment has to be requested several months in advance of the departure date, procrastination by potential travellers could cause the cancellation of some flights.

One thousand applications have been placed, Bennion said, so there is not too much worry about not filling the flights. If the rumors are correct, he continued, the restrictions will be light enough that they won't have too great an effect. "It looks like everything is going according to schedule," he said.

Charter Flight advertising in the Student Calendar quotes the President's remark that he hopes not to tax the student unduly. Bennion emphasized that the Charter Flights are going ahead as planned.

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