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By Shirley E. Wolman

SDS voted last night to hold an obstructive sit-in today at the office of L. Gard Wiggins, administrative vice-president of the University. Black Students for Action (BSFA), a new group formed by Afro members dissatisfied with Afro's latest demands, organized the protest.

Members of SDS and BSFA will sit-in at 11 a. m. today. Lafayette Ketton '73, spokesman for the new black student group, said that the demonstrators would "sit on desks, block typewriters, stop people from working, and sit in front of the door." He added, however, that "we don't plan to throw anyone out; we plan to keep them in there."

The demands of the demonstrators are:

"Raise wages of all present 'painter's helpers' immediately to the same level as that of the painters;

"No resultant layoffs of workers;

"Abolition of racist category of painter's helpers;

"20 per cent Black and Third World skilled, semi-skilled, and general laborers on all Harvard construction sites by December 2, 1969."

BSFA disagrees with Afro's demands for a review committee for worker grievances and for more black sub-contractors on Harvard construction sites. It has also labeled Afro's deadline on the pay raises for painter's helpers as a delaying taetie "which can only hinder this struggle and serve the interests of the bosses."

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