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Pickets Close Down University Hall, Block Administrators From Building

About 350 strikers formed a militant picket line around University Hall yesterday to prevent deans and other Harvard administrators from

Two Charged With Assault On Watson

Two former Harvard students were arraigned yesterday on charges of assault and battery against Dean Watson during last April's occupation

ASKS CHANGES IN HOUSES Homans Group Releases Report

A special committee of the Faculty has recommended changes in the House system designed to improve contacts between undergraduates and

First Hearings Held On Sit-In Punishment

The Committee on Rights and Responsibilities yesterday began considering the cases of students charged with violation of the Resolution on

Hearings Start Today On Sit-In Punishment

The Committee on Rights and Responsibilities begins hearings today to investigate cases of students charged with violations of the Resolution

SDS and Weathermen Hold Separate Protests

Mann Tries to Enter CFIA With Subpoena A group of 16 Weathermen attempted to enter the Center for International Affairs

SDS Sit-In Blocks Dean; Blacks Aid May's Escape

SDS members sat-in at University Hall for a total of five hours yesterday, trapping Dean May in his office for

SDS and Splinter Group of Afro To Hold Obstructive Sit-In Today

SDS voted last night to hold an obstructive sit-in today at the office of L. Gard Wiggins, administrative vice-president of

May, SDS Members Argue About Wages For Painters At Non-Obstructive Sit-In

About 75 students sat-in at Dean May's office for two hours yesterday afternoon in an SDS-led protest against the Cambridge

NAC Members March Peacefully; Rubin Addresses Downtown Rally

More than 400 members of the November Action Coalition marched through downtown Boston Saturday afternoon in support of the National

students Confront Mrs. Bunting

More than 70 demonstrators from H-R SDS peacefully confronted Mrs. Bunting yesterday afternoon to present the demands for improved working

Pusey Fails To Add Name Against War

79 College Presidents Sign Protest Letter, Including Bunting Seventy-nine presidents of private universities and colleges-but not President Pusey-sent a letter

Students Plan Expo '76

Two local city planning students have submitted a new proposal for Expo '76-a cluster of small, simultaneous world's fairs along