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By Jeffrey D. Blum

A new student-Faculty group will succeed the Committee of Fifteen in the areas of deciding on discipline and offering counsel during campus crises.

The new group will consist of four Faculty members, two Allston Burr Senior Tutors, and three students, Alan E.

Heimert 49, secretary of the Committee of Fifteen and Master of Eliot House, said yesterday.

The Committee of Fifteen will present for approval a slate of proposed members for the new group at the Faculty's first meeting, which is scheduled for Sept. 30.

In June the Faculty approved the formation of the new group in order to safeguard the "rights and responsibilities" of members of the University. The new group will remain in office for only one year.

The students and three of the Faculty members will be selected from the current Committee of Fifteen. In situations when administrators may be considering temporary suspensions and possible ways to deal with crises, deans will be expected to consult with these six members of the new group, Heimert said.

The other Faculty member will be chosen from the Administrative Board of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. The undergraduate Ad Board will choose the two senior tutors.

Asked why a majority of the new group will be selected from the Committee of Fifteen, Heimert cited the fact that the "Committee members were elected" [after the occupation of University Hall in April].

Overseer's Committee

The five-man delegation from the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to the Overseers' new University-wide committee probably will also be chosen from the Committee of Fifteen, Heimert said. The Faculty's delegation will consist of two Faculty members and three students-one Harvard undergraduate, one Cliffie and one grad student.

Heimert said that the areas of study of his Committee of Fifteen and the Overseers' group may overlap, but that "doesn't mean that we have abandoned our interest in University governance." He said the two groups "would perhaps work together, but the Committee of Fifteen "may have to pursue independent investigations."

The Fifteen's subcommittee on long range recommendations will continue to study problems that directly involve the College, including curriculum, the House system, and administrative centralization, Heimert said.

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