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Goodell Remains in Race

(Special to the CRIMSON) NEW YORK-Sen Charles E. Goodell (R-N.Y.) went on statewide television last night to scotch rumors that

Mass Gathering Votes for Strike Against U. S. Invasion of Cambodia

A mass meeting of more than 2700 members of the Harvard community last night voted to call a University strike

Example of 'Speed Freak' Is Graduate of Harvard

The After Harvard-What? people have overlooked an apparently lucrative field for Harvard graduates: posing for advertisements that depict the adverse

From the Shelf Styles of Radical Will

274 pages; Farrar, Straus and Giroux I'M NOT SURE whether America can be radically changed, and it scares me. I

One Thousand Protesters Attend a Candlelight Vigil

Hundreds of candles flickered on the Cambridge Common last night as more than 1000 people participated in a vigil calling

Faculty Ponders Vietnam Position

Two issues are on the docket for today's special Faculty meeting: a non-binding resolution supporting the October 15 moratorium and

Harvard Greatly Expands Free Computer Facilities

Harvard is offering a major expansion of the computer facilties open for free use by undergraduates. Eleven computer consoles will

NSF Grants Fall 10%

The National Science Foundation (NSF) probably will cut its individual research grants to Harvard by about ten percent. NSF last

Research Funds Cut Gives Scientists a Bleak Year

Many Harvard scientists will have in effect up to 20 per cent fewer funds for this year's research projects. The

New Committee Will Discipline, Advise in Crisis

A new student-Faculty group will succeed the Committee of Fifteen in the areas of deciding on discipline and offering counsel

Fifteen Will Tell Hearing Findings

Most students charged for their involvement in the University Hall occupation will be informed late this week of the punishment

Committee of Fifteen To Present Punishment Decisions June Ninth

The Committee of Fifteen will deliver its decision on punishment of the students involved in the University Hall occupation to

The Prince

"B UY A TRUNK, son," the Queen said. "You're going to Harvard." In Cambridge the Prince met a wizard in

Who Cares About Biafra Anyway?

(This is another story about Biafra. We all know about Biafra--it's where a million people have starved to death in

'Riot' Course Instructor 'Erred', Doebele Charges

The text of the statement acting dean Doebele issued yesterday is on page 6. The acting dean of the Design