Ex-Students to Face Trial For Trespass Last Spring

Three former University students have been arrested on charges of criminal trespass at Harvard during the strike last Spring.

Thomas R. Bailey '73 and Emily T. Huntington '70 were arrested in Boston November 14, and Daniel P. Veach '70 surrendered himself to the police two days later. Their trial is set for December 22 at Third District Court.

"We're not trying to build for the trial," Veach said in a telephone interview Friday. "The basic point about this case is that none of us are doing any political work at Harvard any more, so Harvard isn't too concerned with us. They just wanted to do a little to harass us, but it's not the most important thing to them."


In contrast to the October 31 trial of Cheyney C. Ryan '70, who was arrested on the same charges, the December 22 trial will not be widely publicized. Veach said. Four people were arrested during disturbances at Ryan's trial.

Last July, Harvard filed complaints against the four on charges stemming from two obstructive picket lines outside University Hall, May 8 and May 11.


The police did not arrest Ryan until late September, and almost six weeks elapsed before the other three were taken into police custody.

Police spokesman Sgt. James Roscoe gave two reasons for the time gap: University representative Archibald C. Cox, Williston Professor of Law, filed the complaints directly with the Court, so the police were not given warrants immediately; and the police had difficulty finding the defendants. Det. Fidele Centrella, who made the arrests, and Cox were both unavailable for comment.

Bailey and Huntington, each charged with one count of criminal trespass, were released on $250 bail, while Veach, facing two charges, is out on $500 bail. The penalty for criminal trespass is $100 and one month in jail.

The three ex-students and SDS members were suspended a year ago after they and about 50 others entered University Hall and held Dean May in his office to demand that the painters' helpers be promoted to full painter status. At that time, the Committee on Rights and Responsibilities ruled that during their terms of absence, the students could not appear anywhere on the campus without obtaining official permission.