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Looking Forward

I T'S A SHAME that more people aren't going to see Zardoz. Perhaps homosexual rape and man's battle against nature

Oh, Lampoon

I T WOULD BE just like a Crimson editor to begin review of the Lampoon Centennial book by remarking that

Did He or Didn't He? That's Not the Question

W HENEVER I AM TOLD that if only we had the White House tapes or a Liddy confession or a

Double, Double, Oil And Trouble

A SMALL confession: I love Ross Macdonald. You should know this immediately, because it determines all that follows. If a

Henry's Soft Spot

A RECENT COMMENT by Henry Kissinger might serve as an apt epitaph for an aborted debate: Should Nixon's policy advisor

Dunlop Resigns to Take Nixon Post

Dean Dunlop announced today that he will resign at the end of the term to become director of the Cost

The Whiz Kids Go To War

P ERHAPS YOUR HIGH SCHOOL English teacher told you that tragedy died on the way to the twentieth century. Lyndon

Kissinger: The Uses of Power

A NYONE NEAR A TELEVISION set could see and hear Henry Kissinger this summer Apparently the White House decided that

Tell Me, How Can I Get Tenure at Harvard?

Dear Miss Getachair, I am a Lecturer in East Asian-American Relations at Harvard. Let me make clear right from the