Law Faculty May Review Punishments

The Law School Faculty will meet today to consider the Administrative Board's disciplinary actions against five black law students involved in the Organization for Black Unity (OBU) building scizures last semester.

The faculty has "plenary power" in all discipline cases. It can vote to confirm the Board's decisions, change them, or take no action-which would leave the Board's decisions as they are.

The Board announced its decisions two weeks ago after two days of hearings. It placed Philip N. Lee, a third-year law student and president of OBU, on probation until graduation in June, and suspended Gregory K. Pilkington, a second-year law student, for the rest of the year. One other student was placed on probation and two were given warnings.

If the faculty takes no official action contrary to the Board's decisions-as seems likely-the punishments will become effective today.

The faculty originally scheduled a special meeting for Feb. 13, but twoof the five students asked for a postponement so that they could prepare statements to submit to the faculty.

One student-who is unidentified-informed the Board last week that he had decided not to make a statement before the faculty, and the other Pilkington, told the Board yesterday that he was still uncertain about his plans.

Pilkington, who is a member of the Worker-Student Alliance caucus of SDS, received the most severe punishment because he participated in the SDS sit-in at University Hall Nov. 19 as well as both OBU takeovers Dec. 5 and 11.

James Vorenberg '48, chairman of the Administrative Board, said yesterday that he planned "to bring the faculty up to date" on the events of the last week, but he refused to say whether he would ask the faculty for a vote of confidence.