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Bok: A Lucky Man Who Made the Grade

"The first thing you'll have to do is get a phone you can disconnect," Francis H. Burr '35, Senior Fellow

An Unwilling Candidate

Both in September and as late as three weeks ago, Derek Bok strongly denied any interest in the Harvard presidency,

Hawk and Dove

The men and women in the Boston Club last night were never worried about winning. The figures on the blackboard

Association Declares American Law Schools Patronize Minorities

A report of the Association of American Law Schools, released this week, concludes that many law schools have adopted "patronizing

No Existing Federal Laws Can Suspend Civil Right

The United States has no federal legislation comparable to Canada's War Emergency Act invoked by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau yesterday,

From the Farm Good Riddance To the Sixties

Boston, 202 pp. THE LIBERATION News Service appeared in the fall of 1967 as what seemed to be an underground,

Law School to Present A Special Conference On 'The Black Lawyer'

A special two-day symposium on "The Black Lawyer in America Today" will begin Friday at the Law School, Walter J.

Faubus in Fierce Fight

(Special to the CRIMSON) LITTLE ROCK, Ark Aug. 7-With slightly more than two weeks remaining before the primary elections here,

60 on Law Faculty Send Congress Anti-War Letter

Sixty law professors-more than 90 per cent of the Law Faculty-have sent every member of Congress an open letter asking