Mass Meeting Set Tonight To Approve Antiwar Strike

A broad coalition of antiwar groups has called a University strike meeting for tonight.

The strike was conceived as part of the spreading national university strike in protest against the War in Indochina.

A meeting of representatives from the groups who joined in the strike call selected Carol R. Sternhell '71, managing editor of the CRIMSON. and Charles G. Gross '57, lecturer in Psychology, to serve as co-chairmen of the mass meeting.

The strike meeting, at 8 p. m. tonight in Sanders Theatre and Memorial Hall, will consider a set of resolutions proposed by the organizational meeting last night and whatever other motions are presented.

The meeting will be broadcast by WHRB, 93.5 FM.

Among the groups joining in the call for tonight's meeting are the following: the Moratorium, Student Mobilization. Freshman Council, Faculty Anti-War Group. Adams and Dunster House Committees, SDS, NAC, YPSL, Young Dems, Ecology Coalition, Free University, Student Bar Association, the Committee for Legal Research on the Draft, the Advocate, the Lampoon, the Signet Society, and the CRIMSON.

Dean May said last night after consultation with students on student-Faculty committees that his office will aid "constructive, effective action designed to influence a change in national policy... in any way it can." The full text of May's statement appears below.

Last night's organizational meeting decided to present the following suggested resolutions to the mass meeting:

We demand:

1. That the United States government cease its escalation of the Vietnam War into Cambodia and Laos; that it unilaterally and immediately withdraw all forces from Southeast Asia.

2. That the United States government end its systematic oppression of political dissidents, and release all political prisoners, such as Bobby Seale and other members of the Black Panther Party.

3. That the universities immediately end defense research, ROTC, counterinsurgency research, and all other such programs.

The organizers also will suggest thefollowing resolution to the mass meeting:

In order that we may work to implement our demands, we ask that the University take no reprisals against University employees and students who join the strike: that striking workers receive full pay: that there be no layoffs; and that students have the option of not taking exams but receiving course credit.

Dean May issued the following statement last night: