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Bok Talks About the Presidency

Derek Bok leaned back in his dean's chair this morning, waiting for the call from University Hall, talking about his

Remember the Strike?

AS WE RUSH OFF to the first day of classes this morning we might remember, if just for a minute,

The LeBaron Russell Briggs Sails Its Last

An obsolete Liberty Ship loaded with nerve gas will sink to the bottom of the ocean off the Bahamas today.

City Police Moved Through Yard During August 5 Incident

About 60 Cambridge police used Harvard Yard to outflank youths gathered on the Cambridge Common the night of August 5.

Worried Merchants Ask the City For Increased Police Visibility

Wednesday night's curfew and massive police presence in Harvard Square marked the beginning of a crackdown on street people in

Mass Meeting Set Tonight To Approve Antiwar Strike

A broad coalition of antiwar groups has called a University strike meeting for tonight. The strike was conceived as part

Student Strikes Spreading In Wake of Nixon Speech

American college campuses may be on the verge of a nation-wide strike in response to President Nixon's speech Thursday and

New President to Face Restructured University

With President Pusey's resignation effective June 1971, the University faces simultaneously two huge decisions: the choice of a new President

CRR Admits Student Suspended Last June

The Committee on Rights and Responsibilities has approved for the first time a request for reinstatement from a student required