Boston Scientists Hold Conference On Vietnam Aid

Boston scientists will add their voices to the spring antiwar protest by sponsoring a "Science for Vietnam" conference at Harvard University this Saturday.

At the conference-sponsored by the Boston chapter of Scientists and Engineers for Social and Political Action (SESPA)-the scientists will affirm their "opposition to the war in Southeast Asia and their commitment to the use of science for people rather than against people."

They will also establish new programs to provide scientific and material aid to the Vietnamese people.

Speakers at the morning session beginning at 11 a. m. in Burr Hall will include Noam Chomsky, professor of linguistics at M. I. T. and noted war critic, and Mark Ptashne, professor of Biochemistry.

"Science for Vietnam" conferences-which are being held in several other cities across the country including Chicago and Washington, D. C.-are an attempt to make scientists question the relevance of their work.


"The conference will provide an opportunity for politically conscious scientists and engineers to act as scientists and engineers in support of their political understanding," SESPA said in a flyer released this week.