Freshman Booters Fall to Brown, 2-0 In Tough Contest

It was an ill wind that blew across the freshman soccer field yesterday as the visitors from Brown shut out the freshman booters, 2-0, in a game that bordered on being downright dirty.

The Brown freshmen, a big, heavy, hard-hitting team, scored its two goals early in the first half, taking advantage of the Crimson's inability to get organized early in the game.

In the second half the Crimson managed to put together a flurry of scoring threats keyed around Captain Lyman Bullard and right winger Hans Birle. Clean passing on the ground allowed the frosh to penetrate into the Brown penalty area more than once, but all their efforts could not get the ball past the Brown goaltender.

The Brown backs kept pressure on the Crimson net the whole game, and as a result, Brown outshot the Crimson 30-9. Bob Grant played an outstanding game covering Brown's big threat at forward, Perrera, one-on-one, but the constant pressure proved just too much for the freshmen.

Peter Durgerian, the Crimson goalie, played a brilliant game in making his 28 saves. Durgerian, a former basketball player, kept the game from becoming a rout, using his height and steady hands to turn away shot after shot for the entire hour and a half.


By the second half this physical advantage turned into a physical punishing and what followed was hard contact and a series of penalties against Brown for illegal tripping and hitting. As Crimson coach Dana Getchell said, "It was the men against the boys."

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