Princeton Picks Up Harvard Reject


For over 200 years, Princeton has provided a haven for Harvard rejects.

This week, an undergraduate club at Princeton decided to revive the on-again off-again debate on genetics between disinvited Harvard Law Forum speakers William B. Shockley, a Stanford engineering professor, and Roy Innis, national director of the Congress for Racial Equality.

The Princeton Whig-Cliosophic Society is sponsoring the controversial December 4 debate which will focus on Shockley's contention that blacks are genetically inferior to whites.

Shockley, who won the Nobel Prize for his work on transistors but was barred from teaching genetics at Stanford, said Tuesday that the resurrection of the debate was "appropriate."

"I am one of the few intellectually responsible eminent scientists in this field," he said.


The Harvard Law Forum originally invited Shockley and Innis to debate here October 26. The Forum later withdrew the invitation under pressure from members of the Law School Faculty and the Harvard Black Students Association.

Innis charged that the white liberals who prevented the debate at Harvard had a "missionary complex" which led them to try to shelter blacks. "They're hiding us from the tiger, instead of giving us a gun and a spear and letting us go out and get the tiger," he said.

At Princeton, presumably, there are no missionaries. Only rejects.

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